Cleaner Solutions provides restaurants commercial dishwashers, cleaning products and 24-hour on-call service. We have experience working in the restaurant business and servicing restaurants, but most importantly we are easy to do business with. You can own or rent your dish machine and you can choose your chemical plan by the gallon, rack, flat-rate, or make your own. It’s your choice! We offer straight cost chemical plans, cost guarantee and a unique Whole House Program. We provide special add-on services, many at no charge. We also manage your program including keeping track of the chemical inventory in your facility, keeping your inventory up to par and putting the stock away.

History of Our Commercial Dishwashers Company

Cleaner Solutions originated in 2004 in Memphis and Nashville, TN. The founders, Pat Taylor and Phillip Beck, both had worked in the restaurant industry for about 14 years working as dishwashers, busboys, cooks, waiters and managers. This extensive restaurant background combined with Pat Taylor’s experience in chemical sales and Phillip Beck’s experience as a dishwasher service technician, lead to the beginning of their respective companies.

They set out to create a dishwasher and chemical program different from other providers in the industry, a system that is easy to follow and on budget, guaranteed. From the beginning, the goal was not to be just another big national company, but instead to serve local restaurants in the community with extra services and expertise.

Similar to most small companies, they started the business out of their garages and used their own trucks to deliver the products. In 2007, Cleaner Solutions partnered with a local Memphis company, River City Soap, to manufacture customized cleaning chemicals to exact specifications. This lead to the purchase of a warehouse where Cleaner Solutions and River City Soap share a building. While the two companies are completely separate, the chemicals could be made in-house too and ultimately resulted in a steady pricing structure due to the reduced chemical costs and elimination of freight costs.

In the years to follow, two additional entities opened in Little Rock, AR, and Chattanooga, TN creating a small network of independently owned companies serving their respective local communities. Combined, the four entity owners have more than 80 years of experience in the warewashing industry, providing customers with outstanding expertise and service.

The “hands-on” local approach is much more cost effective than the national distribution with many levels of management. Therefore, they are able to do more with less.

The companies have continued to grow and are still using the unique business model successfully today with a growing list of impressive, local clients.

Cleaner Solutions Main Business Principal

Cleaner Solutions’ main business principle is making sure it’s always easy for customers to do business with us.

In over 20 years of sales working for other companies, Pat Taylor, one of Cleaner Solutions’ founders, was asked at almost every sales meeting he attended, “What can we do as a company to make it easier for you as a salesman to make more sales?” His answer was always the same. Make it easy for customers to do business with us.

When Cleaner Solutions was created, this was the main focus. We’ve learned that making it easy for customers to do business with us also means that our workload and expenses go up, however, we know that it ultimately is the right way to do business. Customers appreciate our extra effort and find it unusually refreshing.

What Makes Us Different?

  • We Put In The Time: We clean the dishwasher, do the preventative maintenance, track inventory, put away the stock, check out all dispensers and more. We don’t just breeze in and breeze out in a clean white shirt. We are working people and we do our job.
  • We Work With Your Staff: While we are doing our service, our technicians work with your staff to make sure everyone is trained to work within the designed program. We empower your employees to call us with any issues that arise so there’s no need to bother the owners or managers.
  • We Provide Extra Services: We understand that most restaurants don’t have many tools or parts, so anything small that we can help with while we are already there doing our service, we are happy to do.
  • We Don’t Have Contracts: We don’t need a contract because our customers appreciate us. Our competitors, however, require a five-year contract that generally doesn’t prevent price increases. The way we look at it is, if we don’t do our job, you should be able to fire us. But that is not likely to happen! In 12 years, we have only had five customers drop our services and two of those came back to us within six months.
  • We Are Always on Budget: We are the only company that offers a guaranteed, flat rate price keeping you on budget every month. If your usage goes up or something else goes wrong, we’re going to fix it and still keep your bill at your guaranteed flat rate.
  • We Are Local & Close To Home: We work in the local Memphis and surrounding area so we don’t waste a lot of time driving around and have amazingly fast response times 24/7.
  • We Have a Low “Account to Service Tech” Ratio: We have about 90 accounts per Service Tech which is about 1/3rd of what our competitors have. We’re more customer service minded and all our customers are equally important to us.
  • We Don’t Have A Call Center Or Auto Attendant: If you or one of your employees calls us, your call will be answered by the owner directly or an on-call service rep 24 hours a day ensuring that your issue is addressed immediately, with no wait time.

Our Mission

Cleaner Solutions is dedicated to building loyalty by exceeding expectations in customer service and product quality, while enriching our staff in a safe, pleasant, efficient and profitable work environment.