Cleaner Solutions is a one stop shop for all the detergents and sanitizers a restaurant needs.

We offer chemicals for all aspects of a restaurant including warewashing, back of house and front of house.

  • Warewashing: We offer quality glass and dishware sanitizers to ensure your glass washer or dishwasher kills germs to eliminate illnesses among customers, as well as to clean the wares effectively. To learn more about our warewashing products click here.
  • Back of House: Within your kitchen, sanitation is key as it can make or break your restaurant. We offer high quality employee hand sanitizers, surface sanitizers and other chemicals. To learn more about our back of house products click here.
  • Front of House: No matter what type of restaurant you run, it’s necessary to keep your business clean to achieve high customer satisfaction and reduce the risk of spreading germs. We offer sanitizers to clean all areas in the front of house including tables, chairs, condiment shakers and other items on the table, door handles, windows, floors, bathrooms and more. To learn more about our front of house products click here.

We Go Above and Beyond

We make sure employees are using the correct chemicals properly by:

  • Providing free spray bottles that are labeled well. All bottles are:
    • Color coded
    • Number coded
    • Written in English, Spanish and Chinese
  • Matching hose colors to the chemical product color.
  • Offering test strips to make sure the products are mixed to the correct dilution.
  • Managing the chemical program and training employees how to use the chemicals properly.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We are also committed to providing sustainable and effective chemicals. Our sanitizers are manufactured to the exact specifications of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and we refer to the Designed for the Environment’s (DfE) Safer Chemical Ingredients List for our cleaning products. Read more about our commitment to sustainability.