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Whole House Program

Everything you need to clean your restaurant at one efficient price!

Cleaner Solutions, a local independent company, offers a Whole House Program to provide all the cleaning solutions a restaurant needs at one efficient price, including front of house, back of house, warewashing and other cleaners and sanitizers.

With the Whole House Program, we offer a flat monthly rate to guarantee that you will stay on budget. Always the same price. Always on budget.

We become your chemical program manager. We work directly with the staff and monitor your usage to cut down on waste or misuse of chemical cleaning products, and manage the budget so you can spend more time on other issues.
This ultimately takes stress off the operator and cuts down on the hassles associated with cleaning solutions including keeping the chemicals up to par, putting the stock away, managing employee chemical uses and more.

Cleaner Solutions provides restaurants commercial dishwashers, whole house cleaning products, free 24-hour on-call service, easy to understand level billing that doesn’t fluctuate period-to-period and absolutely no contracts! We have extensive experience working in the restaurant business and servicing dish machines, but most importantly we are easy to do business with.

When you rent our dish machines you can expect to see one of our experienced technicians every 4-weeks for service and maintenance of your machines and dispensers while we also inventory and stock you up on the chemicals you need based on your personal usage. We offer straight forward chemical plans, a level-billing guarantee with annual usage reviews and a unique Whole House Program to suit all of your chemical needs. We even provide special add-on services (like pre-rinse replacements) while we are onsite, many at no charge for the labor since we are already there.

In summary, we professionally manage your entire dish machine and chemical programs by training your staff, keeping your machines and dispensers in great working condition, keeping your inventory up to par so you don’t run out of chemical and putting the stock away for you, all while keeping you on budget and with no strings attached.

This is what our local company can offer you that the national brands simply cannot.

How Do We Start The Whole House Program?

Together we will do the detective work to analyze your current program. Our first step is to perform a survey to find out what products you are using and how you are using them. Then we’ll customize an efficient program based on your needs and do a side-by-side comparison between your current program and our flat rate, Whole House Program. From there we’ll begin to manage your program and will do all the work! Watch our video and read more about each step below.

  • Survey: We do a survey of your current products, usage and concentrations to learn what the restaurant buys and how much the restaurant uses.
  • Meanwhile, restaurant owners need to perform their own survey to learn how much they are spending on a monthly basis. In order to see the savings, the owner needs to first know how much they are currently spending.
  • Assess: We perform an assessment and will quantify your usage habits and look for ways to make your chemical program more efficient without greatly modifying your current practices.
  • Customize: We customize a safe, effective and efficient program for your establishment based on what we have discovered.
  • This means that we create a program that is easy for your employees to use and follow and a system that the employees like. We get control of the situation.
  • Budget: We share our findings and details about your customized Whole House Program and flat monthly rate that will always keep you on budget. Then we do a side-by-side comparison to your current program. Our goal is to save you 15%, but there have been instances where we have saved restaurants a lot more.
  • For all new accounts we will perform a six-month review to ensure our pricing is matching your usage. We will adjust the level billing rate of the Whole House Program and your warewashing chemicals either UP or DOWN to match what we are seeing in the data. That's right, we actually adjust DOWN if your usage is lower than your pricing, can't get that anywhere else!
  • Barring any excessive abuse situations (normally caused by employees pouring out chemicals from the containers and not using the dispensers) thereafter, every account is reviewed annually to ensure usage and pricing remains on track with the same UP or DOWN adjustments.
  • Management: We manage the program and do all the work so you don’t have to! We monitor the usage and if we see a change, we manage it to get the usage back in control. We also control the cost, keep you on budget every month, set pars, deliver the product, put away stock and more.

Why Does The Whole House Program Work?

Our Whole House Program was created specifically for restaurants by people with restaurant experience. The program is easy to follow so employees don’t circumvent the system. It’s like a dummy’s guide for sanitation and works because of the powerful chemicals, added fragrance and color, and the way we manage the program. Watch our video and read more about why our program works below.

  • Power Matters: We set up our products and system with enough power so your employees can effectively clean without bypassing the system. Instead of being frugal and making the chemicals weak, we make the products strong, within safe limits, to do the job effectively. If the products work the way they are supposed to, there is no reason for employees to circumvent the system.
  • Fragrance Matters: Our products have extra fragrances providing a “smells clean” effect and makes employees confident that the products are working well.
  • Color Matters: In the same way that the “smells clean” effect works, the rich colors gives the employee the impression that the product is loaded with the maximum amount of cleaning product.
  • Employees can also easily identify the color-coded spray bottles.
  • Another color advantage is that the management staff can see from 40 feet away whether the employee is using the correct product for the job and that the product has been diluted correctly.
  • We Manage the Program: We provide quality products that are labeled well (number, color and picture coded), monitor the usage, set pars, put away the stock and build a system with the employees in mind so they can easily work within it. Unlike our competitors, this all comes at a level billing monthly price, guaranteed.

Things to Consider

If you’re still trying to decide if the Whole House Program is for you, here’s some things you should consider:

  • You budget for food, liquor and labor, so why are you not budgeting for a chemical program too?
  • How much is the food house actually charging you for your chemical program?
  • The food house and the national chemical companies are more profitable if you use more product. We turn that situation around. We are more profitable when you are more efficient.
  • Why does the food house place chemical costs on the last page of your bill?
  • Are they hiding something? Did you notice the last price increase? Did they mention it to you?
  • What if someone was monitoring your usage so you could cut down on waste and misuse of chemicals by employees?
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