Commercial Restaurant Dishwasher & Warewasher Programs

Eat Local, Buy Local!

Cleaner Solutions is the only Locally Owned and operated Warewasher company providing Commercial Dishwashers, detergents, cleaners and sanitizers for the Memphis Restaurant Industry.

High-Temp, Low-Temp, We have them all.

Whether you are looking to lease Single Rack, Double Rack, Conveyor, Undercounter Bar Washers, Glasswashers, Booster Heaters, Corner Units, Pass-Thru Units or In-Line Units, Cleaner Solutions is your local source in the Memphis area.

50 Years of Experience

We are more than an economical Auto-Chlorinating System. Cleaner Solutions was founded by a veteran of the Restaurant Industry. Pat Taylor created the Dish Machine and Chemical Program that he wanted when he was in the restaurant business. Now supported by a team with more than 50 years in the Commercial Dishwashing business, we have the perfect system for you.


While many of our customers have picked us based on our economical Whole House Program, most of our customers stay with us based on our unsurpassed service. We provide regular monthly, preventative maintenance as well as full 24-hour dish machine emergency service.

Personal Service

When you call us, the Phone is answered by an Owner or Operations Manager, not someone 800 miles away who doesn’t know who you are.

Whole House Chemical Program

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Our Cost-Effective Program provides all the cleaning solutions a Restaurant needs at one Efficient Price, Guaranteed! Flat Rate Pricing!!!

No Contracts

Our NO CONTRACT, is the best contract. If we do not do our job, you should fire us.

Ask about our Grill and Oven Cleaner

Liquid Brick is the best and most economical Grill and Oven Cleaner in Memphis. Try some today!

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Our Mission

Cleaner Solutions is dedicated to building loyalty by exceeding expectations in customer service and product quality, while enriching our staff in a safe, pleasant, efficient and profitable work environment.