We are local, and we support local.

That is the foundation of our business. Yes, we sell chemicals and dish machines, but what you are really buying is our commitment to the local business community.

We’re are a locally owned business just like you.

We both:

  • Know and cater to our community.
  • Have a local reach.
  • Keep revenue in our local community.
  • Create jobs in our community.
  • Have a local unique flare that we’re proud of.
  • Manufacture or create the majority of our products locally.
  • Can identify with our customers on a personal level.
  • Are more responsive to our customer needs.
  • Succeed or fail on our own merit.

Local is always better – and that goes for a restaurant dish machine company, too.

Break the chain and stay local by choosing Cleaner Solutions, the only local, independently owned dishwasher company in town.