Cleaner Solutions


We are committed to sustainability and have Three Shades of Green:

1. Environmental Sustainability

Cleaner Solutions is committed to the goals of environmental sustainability. We make every effort to use the most environmentally friendly products in the manufacture of our products. Sanitizers are manufactured to the exact specifications of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and we refer to the Designed for the Environment (DfE) Safer Chemical Ingredients List for our cleaning products.

2. Reducing the Carbon Footprint

Cleaner Solutions works hard to create the smallest carbon footprint possible.

3. Recycling

Cleaner Solutions is unique in the industry in the area of recycling.

We Recycle for Re-use:

We recycle most of our plastic containers for re-use. This means that we:

We Recycle because Recycling Matters

We are fully committed to the future of our earth, being a family operated company we want our children to experience the beauty of this land and we do our part to make sure that the plastics we are using are getting the utmost use out of them before discarding them. We recycle and re-use because it matters.

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