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Cleaner Solutions offers quality glass and dishware sanitizers to ensure your glass washer or dishwasher cleans the wares effectively. Warewashing is mandatory for restaurants to eliminate illnesses among customers and provide them with clean tableware during their dining experience.

We offer all the products a restaurant needs for warewashing as well as employee training on how to effectively use each product. Our liquid detergent and rinse aids are as concentrated as we can make them while maintaining a safe and efficient product which in turn saves customers more by reducing the amount of labor, materials and delivery that comes with less concentrated chemicals. Read more about the products we offer below.



Our detergents are highly concentrated, have a free rinsing formula, are economical and save storage space. They are effective against grease and oils, heavy food buildup, proteins and soils, and stains.


  • Description: A premium high alkaline powder dish detergent containing chlorine, chelators and dispersing chemicals bonded together to offer excellent results and use cost that will compete with solid products
  • Type: Solid or Powder
  • Color: White

Power Kleen

  • Description: This concentrated liquid detergent features a low-foaming, biodegradable formula designed for use in large industrial dish washing machines. It combines a powerful blend of cleaning agents to quickly cut through heavy grease, food deposits and protein soils. Additional sequestering agents assure thorough cleaning of a wide variety of dishware including glass, porcelain, plastic and earthenware.
  • Type: Liquid
  • Color: Red


Highly concentrated for economy, versatile, eliminates odors and improves brightness.


  • Description: Chlor-San is a concentrated, stabilized, 10% sodium hypochlorite solution. ChlorSan is used as a sanitizing solution for low-temp dishwashing applications as well as chlorine bleach in laundry applications. EPA registered.
  • Type: Liquid
  • Color: Yellow

Rinse Aid:

Eliminates water spotting on dishes, creates sheeting action, speeds the drying process and has superior performance in hard water.

Power Dri

  • Description: This concentrated additive eliminates spotting and soap scum accumulations on dishes in all types of dishwashing operations. Power Dri is designed for use in automatic rinse injectors on commercial dishwashing equipment. Its special blend of wetting and rinsing agents also can be used in hand washing and added into rinse water sinks. It allows water to quickly run off dish and glass surfaces, even in hard water.
  • Type: Liquid
  • Color: Blue
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