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Cleaner Solutions is locally owned and dedicated to helping customers before and after the sale. We can match you to the best machine to perform the jobs you need handled to keep your business running smoothly. Cleaner Solutions also provides the equipment necessary to keep your dishwasher from breaking down and is available 24/7 to fix any issues that arise.

What You Should Know About Dishwashers

A commercial dishwasher is a large, heavy-duty washer used in restaurants where large quantities of dishes, glassware and utensils must be cleaned and sanitized.

Cleanliness in the hospitality industry is imperative as restaurants are subject to the scrutiny of the critical eye of the public. However, the first and most important job of a dishwasher is to sanitize all of the glassware, dishes and serviceware.

Commercial dishwashers are the most reliable way to sanitize each and every load of dishes.

Before investing in your commercial dishwasher or ware washer, do your homework to determine what type of machine best suits your needs. Are you a caterer or a bar owner? Is your restaurant considered casual or fine-dining? What is the volume of items you need to clean and how quickly? What are your space limitations? Do you have any plumbing and electrical needs? These are all things that need to be considered.

Types of Dishwashers

  • Conveyor Dishwashers: These extremely powerful washers are capable of running through 244 racks per hour, making them very efficient for high-volume operations. They are available in high-temp and low-temp models, and in various conveyor lengths.
  • Conveyors have heaters built into the system to keep the wash water hot but still require a hot water source.
  • High Temp conveyor dishwashers require a booster heater for high temperature (180 degree) sanitizing.
  • Door Type/Rack Dishwashers: These units handle one or two racks at a time and can wash 37 or 74 racks per hour. Available in high-temp or low-temp, these machines have a pass-through functionality (either straight or in a corner configuration), with the doors opening simultaneously as the dirty dishware goes in one side and the clean dishware comes out the other side.
  • Consider the unit height to ensure you have proper clearance for large items.
  • The dish machines supplied by Cleaner Solutions have a taller configuration to allow clearance for large pots, pans and pizza pans.
  • Undercounter Dishwashers: These units are excellent for smaller spaces and handling a smaller volume. While similar in appearance to residential dishwashers, fitting under a standard-height counter, they will require commercial detergents therefore space for the containers needs to be taken into consideration. They come in high-temp and low-temp models
  • Most undercounter dishwashers are specifically glass washers. Glass washers differ from dishwashers as they are not designed to handle as much “scrap” in the washing process.
  • Therefore, undercounter machines are not suitable as dishwashers with a lower profile.

High Temp Vs. Low Temp

  • High Temperature Washers: These units rinse at temperatures up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit, with sanitization achieved through the high heat. Dishes and glasses dry quickly due to the wares absorbing the heat from the water.
  • These washers are typically more expensive but may be necessary due to poor access to hot water.
  • Another reason a high temp washer may be necessary is for use applications that involve sensitive wares (gold rimmed glassware, etc.). These applications require more gentle detergents and are sensitive to the sanitizers as well. Therefore, high heat is required to offset the gentle detergent and lack of sanitizer.
  • Note that the intense heat produced by these units means they require condensate hoods, adding to the expense and space requirements.
  • Low Temperature Washers: Low temp dishmachines are the most common machines used in restaurant applications.
  • The wash cycles in these units run 140 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. These are temperatures that do not achieve sanitation, therefore low temp washers require chemical sanitizers.
  • The low temp dishwasher does not heat the water. The temperature of the water is determined by your hot water heater, and often on-demand (tankless wall mounted) water heaters will NOT generate enough hot water for spotless dishes.
  • It is important to note that when the wash temperature falls below 140 degrees Fahrenheit, the quality of the wash falls as well.

While we find that 90 percent of the time, a low temperature washer is the right choice for our customers, we endeavor to match everyone to the proper washer for the job. To help save money on electrical power usage, we also offer many Energy Star rated options. The machines we offer achieve the Energy Star rating by reducing both electrical and water consumption.

Dishwashers We Rent and Service

Cleaner Solutions is proud to supply warewashing equipment by American Dish Services, the oldest and largest manufacturer of dishwashers in the country, and CMA Dishmachines, a company focused on high quality products and service.

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